Baby Photography in Melbourne that Captures the Sweetest Moments

At Hiru Photography & Cinematography, we understand the importance of capturing precious moments in photos of your child before they grow up. Specialising in baby photography in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we have the confidence, patience and experience to produce high-quality images that convey your child’s characteristics and personality.

Our photographers are capable of photographing babies at any age. For children under six months of age, we have the ability to handle and pose them in the right positions. Children over six months are usually more alert, allowing us to capture their fresh smiles and beaming eyes. Our baby photography style is quite natural, with soft colours that allow the focal point to be on your child. Neutral textures also mean the photographs won’t date and will be cherished forever.

Just like during our pre-wedding and wedding photography sessions, our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is relaxed and enjoyable. We make it our priority that you and your baby feel at ease throughout the entire shoot. Our knowledge and skill in baby photography guarantees we can capture the perfect photographs for you to cherish and love forever.

  • Why We Recommend Professional Baby Photography
  • Your baby is only little once
  • You only have a limited window of time
  • Our professional photographers use the best equipment for quality photos
  • We have the skill to capture the small details